Good Marketing Gets it Sold

How to market and sell your house.

2 keys to selling your home for top dollar

When selling your home, I’d bet you want to get the highest dollar value! We’ve learned successful advertising comes down to two key things:

1. Ensure your home looks its absolute best.

2. Reach all potential buyers.

If you accomplish these two things, you will get more showings, more offers, and ultimately higher final sale price. Sounds good so far, hey?

#1 – The Looks

Here’s how to do it.

“WOW! What a snazzy-pants house! I can see my future here!” ~ A Potential Buyer.

Why might someone exclaim that?

A potential buyer might do a little dance if your house looks very appealing to him, and he can picture himself living there.

So here’s what you do:

Look at your house through the lens of ALL potential buyers. If something stands out as dated, is there a simple way to give it a refresh? Fresh paint is an inexpensive way to give a room a bright, fresh look. Consider swapping in some new fixtures. Fill the room with sunlight.

Clean clean clean! And clean some more! Those faucets need to sparkle, and the dust-bunnies banished. If there’s grime, it’s hard for buyers to picture themselves living there. “Ew, gross.”

Declutter. If you are still living in the home, do your absolute best to tidy everything. Not every potential buyer is as excited as you are about your Star Trek figurine set or incredible selection of Keurig Coffee. Put it all away!

Professionally Photograph. This is the step that a lot of sellers get so wrong. Yes, your smartphone has a bazillion-megapixel top-of-the-line camera in it. But newsflash: A smartphone is still not good enough.  Your photos should be wide-angle, bright and beautiful, architecturally straight, and professionally finished. ESYXE Real Estate Group takes professional photos for every one of our listings, included in our fees.

#2 – Bring the Masses

Here’s how to do it.

• To get top dollar, you need offers.
• To get offers, you need people seeing your home.
• For people to see your home, it needs to appear where potential buyers are looking – in MLS®, print, online and mobile search.

By selling with a real estate agent, your house appears on a TON of key networks:

Agent-to-agent: Real estate agents talk. If something is coming up that one of their clients is looking for, they JUMP on it.

MLS® network: The tool every real estate starts their day with. Did you know there are thousands of buyers who have automatic emails notifying them when a new house is listed that fits their “dream home” description? You definitely want your house appearing here!

Print: Get your home appearing in applicable newspaper, classified or magazine listings. ESYXE Real Estate Group can create magazine-quality feature brochures, so potential buyers have something glossy to take home with them.

Online search: By listing on MLS, a house suddenly appears not just on, but on hundreds of websites, including Google, Kijiji, SK Open Houses,, Ovlix, Saskatoon Properties, and more. It also will appear on smartphone / tablet real estate apps and search.

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